MAP for Business

The Money Abundance Project for Business

MAP for Business is money abundance consulting for multi-person (2+ people) businesses (incl. non-profits, organizations, groups). MAP for Business may affect the entire business and typically parts of it to optimize business operations and improve the money flow in the business.

MAP for Business sessions aren't subsidized; however, a business is welcome to have a sponsor willing to pay for the business. This can also be a great arrangement if a business has a sponsor who wants the business to improve (certain) operations but the sponsor is not intending to make a direct money contribution into the business.

MAP for Business

See the explanation of the services below.

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MAP for Business Outcomes

“There was a team in a business that got assigned an undesirable project. The team soon realized this project would be harmful and distracting from other projects but they didn’t have a way to inform or convince management about it. The management assigned it to this team in the first place seemingly after considerations have been made. They seemed to have been invested in it, too. One of the team members explained the situation to me and expressed the stress and undesirable feelings it caused. I offered to attempt to change the situation with some of the methods present in MAP for Business today (MAP for Business didn’t exist then but the methods existed). The team member was open to whatever could work & agreed. We agreed that I will do the work and she would keep me informed about the situation. I did my work. She informed me of two upcoming meetings. They were both important. After the first meeting, she reported a marked & incredible change in opinions during the meeting, esp. the management. She was quite surprised and there was increased hope this project could be cancelled. After the 2nd meeting, she was blissful and reported that the management decided to cancel the project. She also mentioned I shall offer this type of work for pay in the future.”

Alex, money abundance consultant at Mountain Wisdom

"I used to get a massage in a certain room. The massage therapist mentioned it felt like there was something wrong with the room as he didn’t feel good about performing massage there. I asked if I could work on it and after he inquiring what type of work, he accepted for me to do the work. Joyfully, I proceeded. I used some of the methods I used in MAP for Business today (MAP for Business didn’t exist then but the methods did). Within 2-3 weeks, management decided to take that massage room off and renovate it. The massage therapist was located elsewhere and so he didn’t need to perform work there any more. We have no count of how it felt there afterwards but it is possible that the energy of the room also changed."

Alex, money abundance consultant at Mountain Wisdom

"I noticed a large room designated as a reflection room with hanging chairs and nothing on the floor (bare concrete) when I visited a massage therapist in a nearby smaller room. When asked, he mentioned the room not being used much and the chairs being very uncomfortable. I offered to do some work on it to transform this undesirable situation and he agreed. I used some of the methods I used in MAP for Business today (MAP for Business didn’t exist then but the methods did). The next time I went there, he enthusiastically mentioned the changes in that room and showed me. The previous hanging chairs were replaced with new ones and he said these were quite comfortable. The floor was covered and some pillows and seats were available. The room was being used as a weekly meditation room with happy participants!”

Alex, money abundance consultant at Mountain Wisdom

Contact Alex through the Contact link for any questions & to sign up. (Or, if you got an email from MW, you can directly reply.)

MAPB Referral Incentive

There is a referral incentive. It is active until the program is discontinued or replaced (check this section or page to see). If you'd like to refer someone & use the incentive, feel free to use the MW Referral Form.

The MAPB referral incentive is:
MAPB Referral incentive (while active):

To refer a new client, use the MW Referral Form.

If your referral signs up for a MAPB package (Tier 1, Tier 2 for at least 3 monthly, or Tier 3 for at least 1 monthly) within 8 weeks of the referral date, after the cancellation/refund period passes & provided there was no cancellation/refund, you get the calculated session rate in MW credits (valid within 8-weeks once issued). For example, for a Tier 3 package, you get $225 in MW credits. For a Tier 1 package, you get $275 in MW credits. The reward is transferable to a person of your choice.
MW credits can't be used toward subsidized MAP rates.

last updated on: 12/13/2020