The Money Abundance Project (TM)

MAP stands for The Money Abundance Project (TM), a project by Mountain Wisdom (MW) to help individuals resolve money issues through "money abundance consulting". MAP is offered to individuals. The most prevalent three (3) money issues are:

  • Lack of money: Not having enough money to cover a comfortable living or fulfill reasonable wishes & desires

  • Lack of time due to money-generating activities: Not having enough time to live comfortably due to a job (overworking), job / client / business instability (frequently spending too much time having to look for jobs / clients / projects)

  • Stress due to money-generating activities: Having too much pressure due to job or business

Experiencing Lack of Money? (or other money issues?)

The Money Abundance Project (MAP) focuses on increasing money by:

  1. Identifying mental & emotional issues that get in the way of money flow

  2. Resolving those issues to allow an increase or ease of money flow into your life

MAP rates are made affordable by subsidization. Rates are based on your past 8-week income. Spots are limited.

Why MAP to resolve money issues?


  • Holistic: considers the issue as a whole

    • through the use of metaphysical methods that are holistic

  • Deep: resolves the causes of the problems (does not manipulate symptoms)

    • symptoms will dissipate as the causes are resolved

  • Minimal: there's no pre-defined homework or pre-work, we do all the work during weekly 50-min phone sessions


  • The process of resolving the issue you experience is optimal, strategic, and intelligent. It is resolved in the best way & configuration with the best pace for you & your life.

  • Progress is permanent. An issue or a sub-issue that has been worked on never comes back. At times, it may appear so: what may appear as the same issue is a different but similar issue (or a deeper layer of the issue) surfacing.

  • Results come much faster with minimal or no risk (no need to learn processes & apply them or do some sort of homework, all of which have risk of not doing / completing and therefore, not getting results).


  • Working on your money issues will make you more resourceful so you can resolve other issues that are not money issues, such as relational issues (by using money or resources).

  • Resolving money issues can align you with your true talents and potential so that money can easily and (ideally) effortlessly flow into your life (or through activities that you enjoy).

  • Many supportive and side benefits may occur, such as having more time, a simpler and/or more enjoyable life, feeling good about yourself, and be able to joyfully help others or interact with others.

How to explore

See testimonials below and contact Alex through the Contact link to request email "MAP info" packet and a phone chat. (Or, if you got an email from MW, you can directly reply.)

MAP Testimonials

"I was skeptical at first, although Alex seemed like a really nice guy I wasn't sure what to think about the holistic approach around abundance. I thought his pricing was fair but wasn't quite sure what to think. After just one session I found he removed blockages that have haunted my past for years. Always finding it difficult to get ahead in life both emotionally and financially. I immediately felt a sense of relief after the first session. Although I didn't see an influx of money in the first month, I felt amazing and relieved that something was going to happen.

Going into the second month I started to reap the full effects. I own a rental house and it's given me nothing but trouble. I had people move out and in an inflated market people were applying more than I've seen in years. I landed a new tenant and aside to that my income went up 100% as well. I had struggled as an entrepreneur online for a long time and after Alex's services, which I can't fully explain, my income doubled after his 8 week program.

I really enjoyed his modality around the art of neutrality as he removed blockages. This is what really will start to align you but what I enjoyed even more was matrix energetics. I think it's super cool and the focus is on putting you into a new alignment after the blockages are removed. Unreal combination. My life is changed forever. My business is taking off and I'm getting high value clients left and right. Just like I always wanted. My family life with my wife and kids has never been better too. Which is the most important to me. :)

Alex not only exceeded any expectations I had but also blew my hesitation away. Alex is a super friendly guy. Definitely an expert at what he does and I feel like I've now made a friend that I can go to if I ever needed help. We had a lot of laughs and was nice joking around even with the seriousness of the situation. In the end, the sleepless nights are now gone. The laughs were all worth it and now have turned into tears of joy. Would I recommend him, that goes without saying. It's the closest thing I've seen to a miracle. I don't know how you do it Alex but I’m beyond thankful, you have now changed my life forever."

Michael Weber,

"I was raised by my parents to be a failure and to be afraid of money, something that has lasted for decades. Then I found Alex's MAP system and that changed everything. Half way through the program I had a major, major breakthrough that altered all my beliefs about money and self worth—at the core. For the first time in my life I actually know I can be successful. And that was on top of all the money that suddenly came in from my primary business. I had lost a contract a few months prior to starting MAP, and was dealing with sporadic income yet again. Once I engaged Alex and MAP I suddenly got more contracts, and long-term ones at that. Overall, it's hard to say in words how Alex's MAP system works, you just have to experience it. The results are spectacular, more than I could have imagined!"

David Weber,

"My business wasn't generating any income around the time I started working with Alex through MAP sessions. I had had only one paying client before meeting Alex; that client received a discounted rate. Several sessions later, I started receiving money from clients I had given sessions to. The amounts of money progressively went from small) to larger amounts. In the meantime, my visibility increased and I received more testimonials. Plus, I made great connections with offers of help with my Land Healing Mission. After 24 sessions, I received a lump sum amount of money, which I used to pay off a $17,000 debt that existed for 3 years!! In addition, there was surplus money, almost as much as the amount of the debt! After paying off my debt, I was able to purchase a decent, reliable car. This was the first time I have been able to purchase a car that is only 2 years old. I'm grateful for the healing & transformational effects of MAP sessions."

Rita Morgin, Land Healer at

"For years I had been working my tail off to find employment and rebuild relationships with my children (post-divorce). Finally, I was at the end of my rope with a strong feeling that my energy was stuck and sinking. Energy work is new to me, but I was desperate so when Alex offered to help me in each area, I purchased a package of sessions. My expectations were very low, but what happened still amazes me! In six months, my life transformed dramatically. My children and I talk and visit often; my finances are healthy; and my heart is profoundly grateful. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Alex.”

Michele Nur,

Past Talks

2/13/2018: "The Money Abundance Project: a look into the 'heart' of money issues" @

Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup - 6pm @ Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale, CA [link] -- 311 RSVPs

MAP Referral Incentive

MAP has a referral incentive when active. It may be active while the program is continuing (check this section or page to see). If you'd like to refer someone & use the incentive, feel free to use the MW Referral Form.

The MAP referral incentive is expected to be inactive at least until Oct 2022.

MAP referral incentive status: INACTIVE

The MAP referral incentive is:
MAP Referral Incentive (while active):

To refer a new client, use the MW Referral Form.

If your referral signs up for a package (8-session MAP) within 8 weeks of the referral date (or signs up to sessions or smaller packages totaling up to 8 MAP sessions within 16 weeks of the referral date, such as 4+4 or 4+2+2, etc.), you get $25 MW credits for every $40 of their spot ceiling client session rate for their 8-session MAP package (if more than one spot during 8 MAP sessions, highest spot). For example, if their session rate spot is in $min-$40, you get $25 MW credits (valid within 8-weeks once issued). If their session rate spot is $40-$80, you get $50 MW credits. The reward is transferable to a person of your choice.
MW credits can't be used toward subsidized MAP rates.

last updated on: 5/11/2022

Current MAP availability

Unfunded MAP spot availability

Unfunded MAP sessions have a certain quota for spot availability. The following shows availability of spots (on the last updated date) for unfunded MAP sessions by past 8-week income:

[$0 - $4,000 is client past 8-week income not incl. current week]

  • $0 - $4,000: multiple spots available

  • $4,000 - $8,000: 0 spots available

  • $8,000 - $12,000: multiple spots available

  • $12,000 - $16,000: multiple spots available

  • $16,000 - $20,000: multiple spots available

Note: Adjustments to spot availability is possible at this time when 0 spots are available & there's a client waiting for a spot to open up.

Funded MAP spot availability

The following shows funded spot availability. Funded spots are granted with MW approval.

  • one or more spots (up to N sessions total, N is undisclosed at this time, N > 0)

last updated on: 12/10/2020

MAP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can MW credits be used toward subsidized MAP sessions (for individuals)?


2. What is a high-frequency MAP client?

A client who has completed 24 MAP sessions in the previous or current year, or has completed 96 MAP sessions so far (lifetime MAP sessions).

3. What is income for MAP?

It is money coming in, less deductible expenses such as expense reimbursement or business expenses for your business income. Income includes any money instrument you received that you can use to pay anyone (unrestricted target) just like money. Deductible expenses are expenses you can deduct to reduce your taxable income when you file your tax return.

If you have multiple sources of income, calculate each one individually and then add them up. If some income sources yield a net (realized) loss, and there is a yearly cap when filing a tax return on those amounts (such as $3K), you can use them up to the yearly cap to offset the other income (as long as they also offset when you will file the tax return too).

Note: Few expenses are deductible. For business income, business expenses are deductible. For employment income, use gross taxable income - deferred earnings* (see definition at the end of question 4). Gross taxable income does not include expense reimbursements, such as driving expenses that are reimbursed to perform the job.
Non-deductible expenses include (but are not limited to) living expenses, charitable contributions, and standard deduction amounts (when filing taxes).

4. I have W-2 / employment income. When calculating income, do I use gross income from the paycheck?

For high-frequency MAP clients (see question 2), use Option A .Others may use option A or B.

Some of the examples are modeled after systems in the US.

Option A: Use gross taxable income - deferred earnings*. If you sign up for MAP when you get a tax refund (connected to this gross amount), the tax refund amount you get doesn't count as income for MAP.

Option B: Use net income + add back any deductions that you had control over (except deferred earnings*, don't add those back). We will call the resulting amount "adjusted net income for MAP". The deductions you have control over are typically things you can choose to have deducted or not from your paycheck, such as health insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, etc. You'd add those back as income to your net amount. You can treat the W-4 withholding deduction as something you didn't have control over (even though you may change the number of allowances during the year). The US federal & state tax withholding deductions and any deductions that go with it, incl. social security, medicare, etc. are deductions that you don't have control over. Therefore, they can stay deducted. If you use this option and you sign up for MAP again later and the period of calculation includes a tax refund (connected to these amounts), that tax refund counts as income for MAP.

* deferred earnings: if your earnings are shifted to be counted as earnings at a later date and they are tax deductible, they are deferred earnings. Tax-deductible retirement account contributions, such as 401K, 403b, IRA, pension deductions are all deferred earnings. If you're in an agreement to defer & invest earnings in a special program and those are tax deductible, they are deferred earnings.

5. If I get fewer than 8 sessions when I signed up for MAP, what is the timeframe?

Eight (8) weeks.

6. If I got fewer than 8 sessions when I signed up for MAP, can I get additional sessions with the rate I signed up & for how long?

Yes, until the end of the timeframe & up to 8 sessions total in the timeframe. For example, if you got 5 when signed up, you can get up to 3 more with the same rate until the end of the timeframe.

7. Does the timeframe of an 8-package session end after the 8th session is fulfilled?


8. If I make more and more money, will my MAP rate go indefinitely higher?

No. The formula for subsidized rate has a ceiling, which is the full MAP rate. For example, in 2021, that is $295/session. Therefore, the client rate can't go higher than $295/session. However, check out also the RC rates because you can use RC sessions to resolve money issues. MAP is a subset of RC. Any issue that can be solved using MAP can be solved using RC. Therefore, whenever your MAP client rate is higher than RC rates, feel free to use RC sessions instead.

9. Where are the MAP sessions conducted?

Over the phone.

last updated on: 11/10/2021

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