Referral Bonus Equality Match (RBEM)

This applies to the referrals that are indicated as RBEM applies (+RBEM).

MW (Mountain Wisdom) will attempt to equalize a referral bonus by giving MW credits (see conditions below). For example, if you sign up for a referral on this page which RBEM applies, and let's say your referrer would get $500 and you'd get $100 from the the third party (company, etc.) that has the referral program. The total amount the third party would spend is $500 + $100 = $600. If the third party had distributed this amount equally, it would have awarded $300 to each party (referrer & referree). However, the third party awards only $100 to the referree. MW will match the remaining amount ($300 - $100), which is $200, in MW credits. This $200 in MW credits will become the RBEM. Conditions:

  • MW credits can be redeemed for some MW services.

  • MW credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

  • MW credits cannot be used toward subsidized MAP sessions (for individuals).

  • MW credits expire if not used, typically after 8 weeks.

  • MW credits are generally issued via a unique gift certificate number.

  • MW credits are transferable to another person. For example, you could gift or sell to another person. The new person can request a new gift certificate number to be issued to them.

  • MW services require certain agreements as a prerequisite, such as 'MW consent form' and 'package agreement' if signing up for a package.

To get RBEM, contact MW (through the Contact link) within 2 weeks of qualifying for the referral bonus. (If you were invited by MW, you can follow up to that email instead.)

You could use RBEM towards available MW services at the time you have RBEM available (except MAP). For example, it could be for Relational Consulting or MAP for Business.

last updated on: 10/28/2018

Small Business Concierge magazine referral and MW listings

For referral, watch: YouTube Concierge Video , send email to Mountain Wisdom through the Contact link to be referred with your contact info.

Fall-Winter 2019, pages 69, 74, 78:

Fall 2018, pages 67, 72, 75:

Spring 2018, pages 79, 84, 87:

last updated on: 5/16/2019 Referral (+RBEM)

This is a flexible online tutoring opportunity to make almost-guaranteed money at low rates ($15 - $20 / hr); however, effective working hour rates can go up (such as $30-$45/hr).

  • If invited by MW, follow those instructions.

  • If not invited by MW, contact MW (through the Contact link) to get instructions.

  • RBEM: For certain subjects, there are referral bonuses to the referrer: $100, $75, $30. If you apply with one of those subjects, suppose the one where your referrer gets is $100, and what you get is $0, then RBEM will be $50.

last updated on: 12/4/2018

Dasher Referral (+RBEM)

This is a flexible drive-to-work opportunity to make almost-guaranteed money at low rates ($15-$20 hr net); however, effective working hour rates can go up (such as $25-$30/hr net) at times when there are large bonuses, large tips, or both.

  • Become a DoorDash driver! Earn up to $25/hour and get a $400 (normally $100) bonus after 180 deliveries in 60 days (normally 200 deliveries in 60 days) for signing up with link (ask for it through the Contact link). [United States]

  • DoorDash now accepts bikes and ebikes!! If you have a bike / ebike, you will be able to choose that option on the app after signing up!!

  • RBEM: Currently referrer gets $900 (normally $300) and referree $400. That makes RBEM: $250 (normally $200) in MW credits.

This opportunity could work well for you IF it'd work to make around $15 - $25 / hr (could be less) part-time or on the side by driving to pick up food from restaurants and delivering it to residences & businesses as an independent contractor with DoorDash. You have quite a bit of control to set your own hours within the times made available by DoorDash. See more details at the referral link above & at DoorDash Help Center.

last updated on: 12/16/2022

UberEats Driver Referral (+RBEM)

This is a flexible drive-to-work opportunity to make almost-guaranteed money at low rates ($15-$20 hr net); however, effective working hour rates can go up (such as $25-$35/hr net) at times when there is a large bonus on top of existing bonuses and boosts and tips.

Similar to Dasher referral in case you prefer Uber.

last updated on: 5/16/2019

Other referrals

  • PayPal, get $10 when you join & spend $5:

  • Sign up to Charlie Puth's class (or any class) at Studio to be in the same class with this link:

  • Natural dental health products: use MWEX77 for 20% off at

  • Vegetarian Restaurant Veggie Grill: Get $5 coupon code after your first order of $10 or more (with your barcode scanned from the smartphone app before you pay) when you download app & enter referral code: Aleks4239

  • Order food to be delivered with Postmates. Get $100 in delivery fee credit using this link:

  • Order food to be delivered with UberEats. We both get something like $5 off the next order if you put this code into the promo section in the smartphone app: eats-aleksa321ue

  • Order food to be delivered with DoorDash. Get $5 off your first 4 DoorDash orders over $10 when you sign up with MW's referral link (ask for it through the Contact link). The link will look like this: https:// / 2Sd . . . /

  • Earn cash back as you shop at listed businesses with Dosh, $5 bonus to download app, link a card with link:

  • online shopping with Rakuten, get $10 with this link:

  • find natural products at iHerb where shipping is only $1 or free over $20, get 10% off your first order with signup link: or enter code LEK755 at checkout.

  • Get an AmEx credit card (Blue Cash Every Day or Magnet gives you $100 - $200 statement credit in 90 days with some conditions) here, click "Looking for a personal card?" at the end of all the business card selections:

  • Get an AmEx business credit card (or a personal card) here (offers change every month):

last updated on: 12/20/2022