MAP Funders

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opportunity to be a funder / contributor for useful impact

Are you a potential funder who has:

- achieved success with money and/or has resources to contribute as a funder

- would like to help people resolve their money issues (by resolving the causes of those issues)

- would like to help people with money issues but can't or don't know how to help?

Mountain Wisdom (MW), a consulting business, is resolving money issues (from the causal levels) for individuals to help them make more money (or make it more easily). There are clients who have already achieved success & provided a brief description about it (see website below).

The project is called MAP (Money Abundance Project), which is accepting contributions from funders to subsidize the full rate of the MAP consulting services.

You can partner with MW to become a MAP Funder!

Once a funder, your name or organization can be listed on the website as a MAP Funder if you'd like to.

Your contribution will be useful for the community.

It can fund either future or past work (past work has already been performed and resulted in good progress or outcomes; future work refers to sessions that will be performed in the future).

If you have a certain group in mind to fund this work for, you can fund future work & designate the group you want to help to MW (we would talk about the details).

There is a certain amount available to be contributed to be a MAP Funder.

Contribute while it is available & make a useful impact!

See details at:

MAP Funding Opportunity Availability

There are opportunities to fund MAP (see "What is MAP?"):

  1. proactively (for sessions in the future) and
  2. retroactively (for sessions that are completed).

Proactive funding opportunity is available for 10 clients up to 2 years, to contribute up to $160,000 / yr. Total availability: up to $320,000

Retroactive funding opportunity is available for completed packages and sessions:

  • 21 completed MAP packages (of 8 sessions each): up to $56,000
  • 1 package (to be completed) + 4 completed sessions of MAP: up to $4,000
  • 6 sessions of MAP (completed): up to $2,000
  • 4+4 sessions of MAP (4 completed, 4 incomplete): up to $2,666.67
  • 4 sessions of MAP (completed): up to $1,333.33
  • 5 sessions of MAP (completed): up to $1,666.67
  • 4 sessions of MAP (completed): up to $1,333.33
  • total: up to $69,000
  • more packages expected to complete in the future (retroactively fundable once they complete)

If you'd like more funding opportunities, consider being a sponsor for a business (incl. non-profits) that could benefit from MAP for Business.

Updated as of 12/25/2019

How to explore / contact

Contact Alex through the Contact link to start the process. Funding can be accepted via check, wire transfer, or any other agreed upon method. (Or, if you got an email from MW, you can directly reply.)

What is MAP?

MAP stands for the Money Abundance Project (TM). For more info, see the menu item for MAP at the top.

What does a MAP Funder fund?

Mountain Wisdom (MW) subsidizes MAP sessions for clients:

  • Clients pay a fraction of the full rate according to a formula based on their recent income.
  • The rest is subsidized by MW to be funded pro-actively or retro-actively.

MAP Funders fund MAP sessions, typically the subsidized portion and by default the MW community fund (in the amount of the non-subsidized portion). By default, the amount is the same per session. However, a MAP Funder may opt out of the community fund contribution for the retro-active funding and just fund the subsidized portion of MAP sessions. The community fund is used to provide MW services / sessions to people in need with the discretion of MW.

MAP Funding is designed for impact investment: to help people with money issues & make the world a better place through reducing money issues. MAP Funding is not designed for funders to get a monetary return from MW. MAP Funders may get something else in return, currently determined on a case by case basis with MW. Options include but are not limited to:

  • Be recognized as a MAP Funder (on this page OR through a letter from MW)
  • Designate a certain group for MW to offer MAP sessions to (when funding pro-actively)
  • Remain anonymous while making an impact

Who is a MAP Funder?

The ideal MAP Funder is a person or an organization, such as a foundation, who:

  1. has achieved success with money (and/or has resources available to contribute as a funder)
  2. wants to help the low-income people OR people with money issues
  3. doesn't know how to help OR can't help them directly (see "Note")

Note: How to help people with money issues

MW helps people with money issues through money abundance consulting, which consists of MAP sessions. MW holds the position that money issues typically don't get resolved through direct money gifts. While money gifts can be great and gifting money to people with money issues can help in the short term or temporarily, it is typically not sufficient by itself to resolve the causes of money issues. MAP sessions are designed to address & resolve the causes of money issues.

While the three characteristics above fit the profile of an ideal MAP Funder and it is the focus of MW when looking for a MAP Funder, MW may accept other funder profiles. An engagement with a MAP Funder is determined on a case by case basis. If you are considering being a MAP Funder, contact Alex through the Contact link to start the conversation.

MAP Funders

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