Relational Consulting - to fix issues in your relations

Relations include: family, friends, romantic, business, co-worker, boss, and yourself. Present as well as past relations.


  • Holistic: considers the issue as a whole

    • through the use of metaphysical methods that are holistic

  • Deep: resolves the causes of the problems (does not manipulate symptoms)

    • symptoms will dissipate as the causes are resolved

  • Minimal: there's no pre-defined homework or pre-work, we do all the work during weekly 50-min phone sessions


  • The process of resolving the issue you experience is optimal, strategic, and intelligent. The resolution is designed to be in the optimal way & configuration with the optimal pace for you & your life.

  • Progress is permanent. An issue or a sub-issue that has been worked on never comes back. At times, it may appear so: what may appear as the same issue is a different but similar issue (or a deeper layer of the issue) surfacing.

  • Results come much faster with minimal or no risk (no need to learn processes & apply or do homework, all of which have risk of not doing / completing them and therefore, not getting results).


  • Working on your relations can increase satisfaction and the quality of your life.

  • Resolving relational issues can make it easier to advance in your career, family life, and open the doors to fulfill your potential.

  • Unexpected benefits may occur such as people treating you better, connections seeking you out, improved relations with yourself, your body, and your environment, and easy life flow.

  • By getting relational consulting help, you can use money as a resource to delegate relational work you couldn't easily do to a professional to free up your time.

How to explore

Contact Alex through the Contact link to request a free Discovery Session up to 25min over the phone or an informal chat to explore services. (Or, if you got an email from MW, you can directly reply.)

RC Testimonials

"Working with Alex was a real blessing. I had a rocky relationship with a friend due to a misunderstanding. After a few sessions with Alex, I was able to communicate with my friend by looking at the conflict from a different point of view. We had a profound transformation. I highly recommend Alex’s work."

L.M. from Sunnyvale, CA

"My client said I was the most expert provider they had ever worked with! This was a major outcome I experienced after sessions with Alex regarding myself and my relationship with my work. Before I began the sessions with Alex, I felt overwhelmed and was considering quitting this work project."

Richard from California

January 2023 Specials

See next section for MW referral incentive ending Feb 2023.

You can apply for a free STRATEGY session HERE (time-sensitive).

There are currently the following specials until 1/30, 8pm PST:

  • Currently the following specials.

    • while available spots - 40% off, available spots: 2

    • while available spots - 20% off, available spots: 2

See details below.

last updated on 1/2/2023

January 2023 Specials Details

There is a referral incentive. If you'd like to refer someone & use the incentive, feel free to use the MW Referral Form.

The MW referral incentive is:
MW Referral incentive ending Feb 2023:

To refer a new client, use the MW Referral Form.

If your referral signs up for a package (12-session RC) by the end of Feb 2023, you get a free 50-min RC session or a +20% discount on your next 12-week RC package (both valid within 8-weeks once issued). The reward is transferable to a person of your choice.

RC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use RC sessions to resolve money issues?

Yes. MAP is technically a subset of RC. Therefore, you can solve money issues using RC sessions. (Any money issue can be formulated in terms of the relation with yourself or others.)

2. Where are the RC sessions conducted?

Over the phone.

last updated on: 12/14/2020

Past Talks / Events

9/28/2019: Hosting booth C-4 at SLAF (Soulful Living Arts Fair), 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose, CA 10am-6pm [ exhibit C-4 | SLAF | SLAF EventBrite ]

9/29/2019: hanging out at / around booth C-4 at SLAF (Soulful Living Arts Fair), 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose, CA 10am-5pm [ exhibit C-4 | SLAF | SLAF EventBrite ]

8/3/2019: Three steps to transform relations @ CIS, 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose [ Soulpreneurs | BAMM | flyer (PDF) | EventBrite ] (~10 people attended)

3/11/2017: "Transform Your Key Relationship", 2:30-4:30pm, Palo Alto Integral Life Practice Community, Mountain View, CA [link expired, host Meetup group doesn't exist, inquire for details]